O’Douds started with a vision of quality, natural, and well-sourced goods. We initially had no tools, no space, and no money; our only assets were hard work and clear goals.

O’Douds began with a simple search for an all natural pomade. Unable to find this within the current market, Clayton Douds set out to make one on his own. In February of 2014, he released his first traditional pomade, though he still saw his business as a part-time hobby. Interest soon outpaced production, however, and his hobby turned into a full-time business. Over the next year, he created several more products that fit his vision of natural and well-sourced goods. Throughout 2015, O’Douds has continued to grow and evolve, never losing sight of its original mission. The O’Douds team has enlarged to include three people and now has a permanent shop in Brooklyn, NY. Though growth can tempt compromise, the O’Douds team is committed to using the resources that come with growth to further improve the quality of O’Douds products, ingredients, and sourcing. The O’Douds team takes its commitment to its values and customers seriously: they will never settle for just “good enough.” They continually strive to provide their customers with the most natural, healthy, and well-sourced products they can create.

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