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Burcs Mulit Pocket Hunting Jacket

Burcs Mulit Pocket Hunting Jacket

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Inspired by the classic hunting jacket, this style is characterized by multi-functional and high storage capacity pocket design . Burcs teams reconstructs shoulder silhouette with outdoor style salt shrinkable fabric , which is modern aesthetic pieces

Color       | Light Grey
Fabric      | 100&cotton salt shrinkable fabric
Fit            | Boxy Loose Fit
Finishing | Garment washing with pre-shrink and
                  improve the texture of the fabric
Size   M 
Chest:138cm / Length :  73cm / Shoulder : 51cm / Sleeve : 57cm / Cuff : 14cm
Size   L 
Chest:142cm / Length :  75cm / Shoulder : 52cm / Sleeve : 58cm / Cuff : 15cm
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